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Something about Mang Den Hostel

Situated 1200 meters above the height of the sea level, Mang Den still is a wild area with primary pine forests, very nice climate around 18-20 degree Celsius at the daytime. About 50km from Kon Tum to Quang Ngai via National Highway 24, on the top of Mang Den Pass, there is a vast plain which the Ethnic language means “Mang” and “Den” means a residential area. Rich forests; fresh lakes, springs and waterfalls; majestic sunset; and breathaking sunrise; are just some of nature’s gift to the site. The climate is cool and fresh the whole year round at 18 degress Celsius. There’s a certain kind of serenity in the place and one will feel that only nature can provide. Not only a beautiful place, Mang Den is also sacred land. On the highest hill in the area stands the statue of “Our handless Blessed Mother Mang Den”, which attracts more and more pilgrims every year. Mang Den is home to at least three ethnic minority communities Mo Nam, Ca Dong and Hre, who have their distinct cultures and customs, from the way they plan terrace fields, hunt, farm cattles and conduct weddings. Mang Den is promisingly a new dreamland for your exploring and relaxing time in Vietnam.

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Why choose us

Tucked away in the pine forest, Le Plateau Hostel is the first dorm hostel to be built in Mangden, the so called second Dalat in Vietnam. It is the first villa you can see when driving to the highland from Kontum City. The hostel features 2 suites tastefully furnished with windows and balconies for your sightseeing the natural surroundings. There are also 2 large mixed dormitory rooms with 30 beds, including shared bathrooms, internet access, coffee/tea maker, free breakfast.

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Cost saving

Dorms from 5$-10$ per bed/night. Our clean, calm, bright and secure dorms will perfectly suit those who want to save money on housing during their travels and city breaks. Our small capacity dorms has been designed to improve conviviality and intimacy


Very comfortable mattress, shared shower & Shared toilets, personal reading light on each bed, personal plugs on each bed, individual and large lockers, free high Speed wifi in all rooms, bed linen included, free towel, free breakfast and cofee, free coworking space.


24/24 hotline, cheap laundry service, local tours with reasonable rates. With dedicated staff speaking English and Vietnamese, information is available at the reception.

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